Outdoor Plants

Shrubs & ornamental trees


We are lucky to be based near several wonderful grower-wholesalers of shrubs and trees. Nearly all stock comes from Herefordshire or Shropshire so you can plant with confidence.

If you don't find what you want in our plant area you are always welcome to put in a request and we can almost always get it for you. Landscapers please ask about quantity discounts; gardening club members can claim 10% off all plants and compost on production of your membership card).

We can help you plan your garden or shrubbery for year-round interest and maximum bird-appeal; please ask for details.


The Plant Centre's roses include a special selection from local yet internationally-famous rose breeder, David Austin Roses.

We love to choose roses for their fragrance, and to offer a great range of climbers and ramblers; these are supplemented by some fabulous shrub/ground cover varieties, some standard roses and Special Moments roses (for more info on these please see the Special occasion plants section).

Pictured right is the gorgeous David Austin English Shrub rose, Boscobel.

David Austin Rose Boscobel

Clematis & climbers

Clematis & climbing plants

Climbing plants soften and add interest to fences and walls. They look wonderful growing up through trees, or over arches, obelisks and pergolas. Some climbers are dainty and well-behaved whilst others are vigorous and get all over everywhere. Some can be grown in a large planter, some need the ground and a large garden.

But we believe every garden needs a climber of some sort - and we like to offer a good selection of clematis - the montanas, which get huge, and as many as we can of the other types, particularly those that flower twice or all summer.

As well as clematis you will find Virginia creeper, various wisterias and hederas (ivies), jasmines, passiflora, solanum jasminoides, trachelospermum jasminoides, and more.

Fruit trees & soft fruit

Our fruit trees are locally grown. We specialise in container-grown trees, which are mostly at least two years old and of a good size (it varies but around 2 metres is typical). We offer local delivery  but don't forget that trees can be fitted into cars by careful insertion/bending of newer growth, and we are happy to help! 

As well as favourite/local heritage varieties of apple, pear, plum and damson, you will find mulberries and medlars, quince, cherry and fig trees. Blueberries, blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, redcurrants etc are available either in season or all year.

Need help? We will be happy to advise - from suggesting type and variety of tree for your garden, discussing rootstocks and pollination requirements, to planning an entire orchard.

Herbaceous perennials

From tried-and-tested favourites to something a little bit different, we're passionate about perennials. As with our shrubs, the lion's share come from local growers, and we're proud of the quality and diversity of our offering.

The local factor not only cuts down on 'plant miles' but is also a good indicator that the plant will thrive in the area's gardens.
That is not to say it would not adapt to life in the far north however! Please do ask if you are unsure about a plant's hardiness. 

Salvias and other perennials


Alpines are among the earliest plants to show flower in late winter, and are ideal for hillside gardens and awkward steeply-sloping places as well as rockeries. Usually available in smaller pots than the other perennials, they represent great value (and many spread or can be divided).

We love our alpines at the Plant Centre and will always try to offer a nice interesting range, including some less-widely-available varieties.


Stipa tenuissima

Grasses are proving increasingly popular with customers - with many looking good all through winter, especially on frosty days, we are not surprised. To meet this growing demand, our range now includes, subject to availability:

Acorus (various), Amenanthele lessoniana, Calamagrostis (various), many different Carex, Chasmanthium latifolium, Deschampsias (various), Eragrostis Wind Dancer, Festuca blue varieties, Hakonechloa, Imperata Red Baron, Luzula Nivea, several types of Miscanthus; Molinia, Ophiopogon nigrescens, Panicum Heavy Metal, Scirpus Cernuus, and Stipa including tenuissima and gigantea, and Uncinia rubra.

Specimens & topiary

Each Spring, usually in March, our plant area sees an influx of bigger specimen shrubs, box balls, ligustrum, standard bay trees, and sometimes some interesting topiary such as the mercedes logo from 2015, left. 

If you are interested in a specific form of topiary let us know, and if available we will order it for you.

Christmas Trees

For 2016 we have had to trim down our real Christmas tree offering due to wastage. From late November, Nordman Firs - the most popular, with their classic Christmas tree shape and lush 'non-drop' needles - will be available in four sizes, while stocks last, plus a limited number of Norway Spruce as an inexpensive alternative.

We will also have the following pot grown trees while stocks last: 
Pot Grown: 80 - 100cm (2'7" - 3'3") - £44.99
Pot Grown Blue Spruce: 60 - 80cm (2' – 2’7”) - £29.99

IMPORTANT - How to keep your Christmas Tree from drying out

Having spent good money on your tree so won't want it dropping everywhere. A non-drop tree will only refrain from dropping if you treat it right! Think of it as a cut flower - keeping it in water at all times is crucial. A tree stand with a water reservoir (we sell these) is a very good idea - as is checking the water level regularly.

A cut Christmas tree seals itself with resin where it has been cut. It takes about 4 hours do do this, and once it is sealed it cannot 'drink' water. When you buy one from the Plant Centre, we ask if you are going to take it home and put it in water straight away and if so we will cut a disc off the trunk for you, so that it's ready to go into water. If you are going to wait longer before bringing it indoors you must do this at home, or your tree will soon start to drop and die.

If the water does run out and you believe it has been dry for 4 hours or more, you will need to refresh it by cutting an inch off the bottom of the trunk and then placing in a bucket of water to allow for extra water uptake before returning to its normal stand.

Finally, PLEASE don't position it next to a radiator or near any other type of fire!

CONTAINER-GROWN TREES - how to preserve them for re-use

Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking their potted tree can just be put in the garden and survive on just rain. Sadly this is far from true so if you plan to keep your tree for next year you will need to look after it. Water regularly; the only time you can forget about watering is when rainfall is heavy. Otherwise keep an eye and in hot dry weather you may need to water every day.

It will benefit enormously from being potted on, using John Innes No.3, to a slightly bigger pot each Spring, and may need some feeding as well.

Veg plants

Tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers and other veg. are in stock in Spring, once they become available from growers (timing dependant on weather). We like to offer as many tomato varieties as we can, such as Harbinger, Black Russian, Gardeners' Delight, Sungold and other cherry varieties - many of them locally, organically-grown.

Pea and bean wigwams have proved popular, and arrive late May/early June. We try to stock as many other veg. plants as possible: cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli, cauliflower, leeks etc, plus some in autumn too but we do find them rather 'hit and miss' - so are loth to order too many as there can be wastage. Chilli plants are available throughout Summer.

Special occasion plants

A well-chosen plant makes a wonderful gift. It could be something very personal such as a plant with the recipient's name in its name, or perhaps a Family apple tree (these have several varieties grafted onto one rootstock) -  to mark a family event.

For weddings, there are several options, such as the beautiful shrub Exochorda 'The Bride', Clematis /Wedding Day' rosa 'Your Wedding Day', rosa 'Perfect Match', 'Just Married' or the lovely David Austin rambler, 'Wedding Day' (n.b. they will need a good-sized garden for that one).

Anniversaries are fairly well catered-for by the 'Special Moments' roses, which include 1st, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th. There are also camellias 'Silver Anniversary' and 'Ruby Wedding', and there is a clematis 'Ruby Wedding'. One of our customers put together a selection of perennials with 'Ruby' in the name, for his wife on their ruby anniversary - a nice idea that would work equally well for Silver or Golden.

Other 'Special Moments' roses include the Congratulations Rose, New Arrival, Special Mum, Special Dad, Best of Luck and of course the Birthday Rose.

To make your plant gift more, er, gifty, we can gift-wrap it, or plant it in your choice of container and supply a suitable ribbon or tie-on heart.

Please bear in mind that we may not have your chosen plant in stock at all times so do phone 01584 856873 or email us first to check availability. If you give us plenty of notice we are happy to order in for you, subject to availability from our suppliers.   

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