Houseplants, conservatory & tender plants

Foliage plants

Some of our customers' favourite indoor foliage plants:

Aloe Vera
Asparagus fern
Boston fern
Calathea - various, eg. 'Prayer plant', 'rattlesnake plant'
Chamaedorea elegans - 'Parlour palm'
Crassula (vaious)
Dracaena - 'Dragon tree'
Fittonia - 'Mosaic plant' or 'nerve plant'
Hoya tricolor
Lucky bamboo
Mimosa pudica - 'Sensitive plant'
Monstera - 'Swiss Cheese Plant'
Senecio - 'String of Pearls'
Soleirolia - 'Mind your own Business'
Spider plant
Tradescantia Jungle Jewel

Citrus Trees

The shop is often filled with the gorgeous scent of orange blossom - or lemon, lime, kumquat, calamondin etc - of which we will normally stock several varieties.  

You can also get your citrus compost here, and citrus feed - either in the Summer/Winter water-soluble powder form or the super-easy drip feeders.

Plus of course, lovely indoor and outdoor pots, pot trolleys etc.

Just add G & T!

Air plants, cacti, succulents
& carnivorous plants

Pitcher plants

Interesting an unusual plants, great for sparking a child's interest in gardening.

Favourites include:

Air plants (no soil required!)
Living stones
Pitcher plants (best for fly-catching)
Sensitive plants ('sleepy-/shameplant')
Succulents (various)
Venus Fly-traps



Every year we make a special journey to the nursery which holds the national pelargonium collection, to bring you scented-leaved and other special pelargoniums not found in most garden centres – such as Lord Bute, and the scented-leaved Lady Plymouth.

These are normally available from mid/late April; please contact us to check availability which depends on the weather!

You can also find other pelargoniums in Spring/Summer: Angeleye, Caliente and Fischer, to name a few.  Our best-seller is Fischer Velvet Red - a truly luscious deep dark velvet red, that you can over-winter in a greenhouse or indoors.

Other flowering houseplants

Other than orchids & pelargoniums, indoor plants that we stock, depending on seasonal availabity, include:

Sinningia (Gloxinia)
Spathiphyllum (Peace lily)
St Paulia (African violets)
Zantedeschia (Calla lily)

Bedding Plants

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