Wildlife gardening


Bird table

Who doesn't love birds in the garden? But did you know that, just as providing bird food in feeders, many also rely on insects and berries, so planting winter flowering shrubs, shrubs with late berries and good cover, and wildflowers or other early and late-season flowers, helps them enormously.

You'll find bird tables, and feeders in a good range of different shapes and sizes - some decorative, some plain and practical.
For bird feed we offer two different seed mixes plus nyger, sunflower hearts, peanuts, peanut butter (special for birds - don't use the human type), fat balls, high energy suet cakes, mealworms and decorative hanging seed cakes.  

Hedgehogs in your garden

A slug-eating, non-invasive form of wildlife: what's not to like, no wonder so many gardeners want to welcome them.

As well as selling hedgehog food and homes, we are always happy to advise on how you can make your garden more hog-friendly, such as adapting your fencing, not being too tidy, and taking care with bonfires and strimmers.


Wildflower meadows

Wildflower meadow

We are always happy to advise customers on how to create a wildflower meadow. A book is also usually in stock, and a range of seed – from small packets of poppies, cornflowers etc, to larger packs covering 7 or 30 square metres.

Plus: Seedballs for easy sowing (just throw them and the special clay that encases the seeds provides everything they need) in lovely mixes such as Cloud, Sky, Bee, Butterfly or Urban Meadow.

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