Seeds & Bulbs


Seeds: Flower, vegetable, herb and green manure seeds:

Kings Seeds make up the bulk of our range as not only is their selection wide - especially sweet peas and organic vegetables - but their germination rate is also excellent. Stock is renewed each year in September to guarantee freshness.

We have an additional selection from Franchii Seeds of Italy to provide some extra choice.

As well as the general flower and vegetable seed ranges there are green manures, herbs, wildflowers, sweet peas, peas and beans, salad leaves and oriental vegetables plus of course onions and garlic, and various other veg packs in Spring such as artichoke, asparagus, rhubarb and ginger.

Bulbs & Corms

Spring-flowering bulbs arrive in September and we always try to offer a lovely range of tulips, daffodils and narcissi, plus crocus, iris reticulata, muscari, alliums, snowdrops and more.

From February you will find our summer-flowering packs, including dahlias, gladioli nanus, and various other summer flowering dry packs of perennials, onions, garlic and vegetables.

Wildflower Seeds

Nova Flore is a range of wildflower seeds in larger packs (7 square metre or 30 sq m coverage) developed to maximise biodiversity in private gardens: you can choose different mixes designed for attracting birds, bees, butterflies, ladybirds or aphids and there are alternative mixes for tree foot, shaded areas, annual, perennial, short or extra short plants for more exposed sites.

Seedball tins 'Just throw, water and grow!' come in a range including: Bee mix, Butterfly mix, Sky Meadow, Poppy Meadow, Cloud Meadow and Urban Meadow. The clay ball protects the seeds from birds, includes compost to provide nutrients, and chilli to protect them from ants and slugs.

Seed Potatoes

These arrive around mid-January, depending on weather.  You can expect to find, in late winter, a list of varieties at the top of our 'in the shop' page.

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