The Old Bank team

Liz: founder and buyer

It started with the plants and, after the death of my parents who loved their garden (and Mum tolerated getting dragged around garden centres with me), I thought I would open my own garden centre.

Over the twelve years we had the Plant Centre in Bromfield, I realised three things:
- running an independent garden centre with insecure tenancy is loads of fun, never a dull moment, but not exactly easy
- I enjoy buying giftware and decorations, houseplants, indoor pots and homewares, cards, wrap and stationery just as much as perennials
- When you're not getting any younger, it's a bit crazy to be selling things that weigh a ton.
Living near Knighton, I'm also dogmother to a whole herd of rescue dogs.

Ian: Company Secretary, husband, etc. etc.

Ex-BBC Ian can offer advice on anything electrical/audio-visual/hi-fi ... and even plant care.
Excellent cook, dogfather and bass player, Ian is also chief fixer of computers and other all other technical things.

Rosie: Assitant Manager and houseplant-aholic

Rosie doesn't likes houseplants - she loves them. She's always happy to advise customers, but as far as her own collection goes, let's just say we're all getting a bit worried for her. It's kind of large.
 Picture to follow ... for now, look out for the young-looking one!


Steph joined TPC in 2018 and is also local sculptor Stephanie Jacobs. Her arty and planty leanings are a great fit for our shop and, now that we're in Church Stretton, she is the one with the best local knowledge.

Simon: the Cheery One

Si is our right hand man, always whistling a tune / offering customers a warm welcome. Shorts and hats are his trademarks.  He may not know everything about houseplants but he will help you in any way he can.

Si lives over the border with his ever-expanding family.
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