Plottings: Your Garden Now

Kids in the garden

Parents often struggle to find time to garden, especially in the school holidays - too busy entertaining the kids! But children can enjoy doing something useful, outdoors, creative and fun – why not get THEM to do the gardening? Older children may be bribed with pocket money, but young ones will usually do it for free, albeit with plenty of supervision and not necessarily perfect results.

It’s a great way to get them learning, and seeing seeds they planted turn into a 20ft sunflower, or a sea of poppies, is quite magical. Set them competing to find a particular weed, hunting for bugs & butterflies, or giving the plants a drink.

Here are some things you can get from the Plant Centre to help you & yours enjoy the garden: Elephant watering cans, Stick Book, seeds/Seedballs, kids’ gardening gloves, children’s trowel /fork, windmills, day-glo stakes, fluttering butterfly, ‘Gardening with Kids’ book, plastic pots, animal tracking kit, various wildlife gardening products and books. Teach them to look out for hedgehogs/feed them, build wildlife homes, rescue bees and ladybirds and what to grow that they might like to eat (strawberries!).

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