Plottings: Your Garden Now

Heavenly hellebores

From December onwards you will see the white-flowering Christmas Rose (hellebore niger - so named because of its black roots) on sale. It is a lovely Christmas houseplant, and outdoors does much better in pots than directly into the ground. Planted with skimmias for example, in terracotta pots lining a pathway or around your front door, they will look stunning all through the darkest, wintriest days.

For planting in the ground, the taller, oriental hybrid hellebores are the ones. Nurseries are continually breeding new cultivars so the possibilities are endless and the best time to buy is in January or February when they are in flower.

To get the full benefit of your garden hellebores, cut back all the old leaves around the time the flower buds emerge in late winter. If you have never done this before you will be amazed at the difference. Or you can cut back earlier (from autumn) if you are worried about pests & diseases which can lurk in the leaves.

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