Plottings: Your Garden Now

Butterflies, drought and late summer colour

Who doesn't want a late summer garden filled with drifts of colour and butterflies? Even better if it won't need any watering.  Read Liz's ultimate A-list of must-have plants.

Kids in the garden

Parents often struggle to find time to garden, especially in the school holidays - too busy entertaining the kids! But children can enjoy doing something useful, outdoors, creative and fun – why not get THEM to do the gardening? Older children may be bribed with pocket money, but young ones will usually do it for free, albeit with plenty of supervision and not necessarily perfect results.

Gardening without water

Do you dream of relaxing in your garden rather than working in it all the time? Why not plant a Mediterranean-style garden so that next year you can rest the hose and cans, relax and enjoy.

You will need well-drained soil and sunshine for this to work well. You could add grit sand to improve drainage if your soil is too heavy.

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