Gorgeous decorations & gifts for all.
Make Christmas 2017 special!

Relax ... it's a Christmas-music-free zone

All that Slade can get a bit much for many of us, so we stick with something gentle on the ears.

Christmas trees - real ones, xmas lights & lit faux trees, tree stands and all kinds of baubles and decorations, scented pine cones, wreaths and garlands ...

The Plant Centre is your one-stop shop for making your home look and smell delicious for the festive season and beyond.

(I like to keep my lit birch tree in the window from November until about March when the days are properly lightening up - Ed).

We stock loads of Gisela Graham and Sass & Belle, plus plenty of cute Felt (by Originals and Felt So Good).  Find fabulous quirky handpainted Hannah Turner items, plus handpainted mugs & jugs by Julia Davey

Below are some ideas for 'him' 'her' and children.

Christmas Gifts for Him

All of these of course are just as likely to be used by women.
 We thought it might be helpful to highlight a few ideas for the 'hard-to-buy-for' sex

Looks like a pack of coffee beans. Packs a punch in the garden.

1.  Gold Leaf gloves:  The ulitmate gardening glove
2.  Darlac tools (Tungsten & diamond sharpener ... sickle ...)
3.  Knee pads (memory foam ones from Burgon & Ball)
4.  Weather station (choice of several)
5.  Greenhouse tidy (or Shed Tidy)
6.  Barometer/thermometer by Garden Trading
7.  Copper plated dibber
8.  Forged iron rake (a heavy chunky claw of a hand rake)
9.  Washbags (manly options), soap & Farmers' hand cream
10.  Haws watering can
11.  Lou's poo: the ultimate practical & fun gift
12.  Large Cane finial (for posh pea and bean wigwams)
13. (Churchstoke store only) Garden clogs /wellies.

Gifts for Her

In the Plant Centre you'll be spoiled for choice if buying for a woman.

1.  Di Palomo gift sets
2.  Peony scarves
3.  Cosmetic bags, washbags and lovely things to go in them
4.  Darlac tools: some are designed for women, e.g. Lightweight   Shears and Ladies pruner (secateurs) for smaller hands
5.  Brie Harrison gift range (left)
6.  A beautiful seed tin filled with flower/veg/edible flower seeds
7.  A lemon tree (great gift for anyone who likes G & T)
8.  Gorgeous candles by Harper's, Baileys or ESC.
9.  William Morris patterned wellies, laptrays, scatter trays or boxed mug sets.
10. A handpainted Julia Davey mug or jug
11. Gold Leaf ladies' gloves (they look great and last ages)
12. A bag: handbag, shopper, peg/ sling bag in prints she'll love
13. A fabulous orchid and orchid pot cover
14. Leather tool roll apron
15. Beautiful tins - a tin for everything (designs by Liane Payne, Emma Bridgewater and others).
16. Kew pot and your choice of plant to go in it.

Check out some of the cute/fun/shiny things for kids:

1.  Musical moose head: with lights and several Xmas songs!
2.  Reindeer antler hairband
3.  'Sugar' - a beautiful fluffy pink pony
4.  Busy Bugs cup, plate, bowl and cutlery by Sass & Belle
5.  Glitter beakers: Flower Fairies or Peter Rabbit
6.  Beautiful lifelike soft toys: otter, badger, pine marten, rabbit or or Collie/spaniel, lop-eared bunny/ guinea pig with squeak!
7.  Loads of decorations that kids and kidults alike will love: felt dogs, cats, reindeer & little penguins, or jewelled butterflies, jingling bells and all sorts of shiny, sparkly things.
8. Various unicorn- or flamingo-themed stocking fillers
7. Child's flower press
8. Girls' Treasures Tin / Boys' Essentials Tin
9. Carved animal pencils/pens. Pencil cases
10. Books: nature/botanical themed for children
11. Snow domes
12.  CHURCHSTOKE EXCLUSIVE: Peter Rabbit /Lily Bobtail Backpacks, wellies and garden tool gift sets

Children's Christmas

Peter Rabbit beaker: shake for a
glitter storm. Also available: Flower Fairies.

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